How do I decide which paper/finish/framing options to choose from when I purchase photos?

As you purchase images, the shopping cart program will explain and give image examples of what you are ordering. There will also be a 'more info' button to click on for additional information. If any questions are not answered in the shopping cart, please contact me at info@hektervision or 360.410.4433  for additional support.

What if I order an image that is a different size than what I want printed?

As you purchase images, the shopping cart program will automatically crop the image if it is a different size/aspect ratio than the original. You will have complete control on where to place the crop or order a different size that requires no cropping.

What if I want to purchase an image of myself but there is no buy option?

If you would like to order an image of yourself but there is no option to buy it on this site then contact me and I will send you a password so you can buy the image. Images of people require model releases so they will not be sold unless the individual can verify themselves..

What if I want to order an image that is not on this web site?

If you would like to order an image that I may have in my archives then contact me directly at info@hektervision or 360.410.4433

to place your order. 

How does shipping work?

When you place an order, it will be printed and shipped directly to your address in order to expedite shipping times. Color correction will be checked from the professionals at the photo lab to ensure you receive the artwork that you desire.

Is there a warranty on my purchase?

Yes, all prints are guaranteed with a no hassle return or exchange policy for 30 days after the initial purchase.

How long will it take to get my artwork?

Typical shipping time for a print is around one to two weeks from the date of purchase. 

Can an order be expedited?

At this time, expedited order fulfillment is on a trial basis. If you would like an expedited order, please contact me at before ordering your prints. There will be an additional fee for expedited orders.

How do I license images for commercial or editorial use?

Most images you see on the website are available to be licensed for commercial or editorial use. If an image contains people then check with me first to make sure I have a model release for those individuals. If you are interested in licensing any of the images on this site or have an inquiry about an image that you feel I may have in my archive please contact me at or call 541.645.4243 and I will be happy to assist you.

How do I hire Hekter for an Assignment?

To hire me  for an assignment (commercial or editorial) please contact or call me directly at 360.410.4433 with the details of the assignment.

How do I contact HekterVision Photography?


Phone:  360.410.4433

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