Our world lost an incredibly bright light this week, Nicholas Alvarado (aka Pumpkin). I hold huge gratitude for all the amazing Pumpkin memories and for all of his music that is as timeless as love itself. These images and videos were dug up from my vault at Lightning in a Bottle 2012 on the Woogie Stage. The communal love was palpable in the Woogie that day while Nick's vibe was reflected through all the eyes and smiles of so many beautiful beings... I offer up this video for those who wish to relive a sliver of Pumpkin's potential to catalyze love within ourselves... 

Pumpkin Tribute/LIB2012/Woogies Stage

Accentuating my  photography, I also specialize in videography. I collaborated with Galen Oakes/Manifest Media in 2011/2012 and shot video/stills for Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress, Lightning in a Bottle, Harmony Festival, Entheos Festival, Re-Generation Festival, Earthdance & the Seeing is Believing Tour with Android Jones & David Block. These are the Golden Days... when community & art collide. 

Skunk Train 2014

Alchemeyez Visionary Art Congress

Lightning in a Bottle

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